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Welcome to Q-Stories. for a planned series of short films, I am currently collecting short episodic stories that people experience during this time of curfew and lockdown all over the world. my name is David and I’m an independent director, writer and creative producer.

I am looking for stories about ordinary and extraordinary happenings in this new situation that none of us have ever been faced with. tragic stories and funny stories, stories that represent all aspects of our human existence in this unusual and surreal situation. the text does not have to be a literary masterpiece.

besides the film series, I am also planning a book containing the stories which I will hopefully receive from you. for this book, other creative artworks such as linocuts, drawings, paintings, collages... are very welcome.

I believe this project is also perfectly suitable for students of all ages (so dear parents, teachers, educators – please share it)

you can find more information and details about the entire project in the PDF below.


should the stories be realized as films (book), the rights to the original stories/artworks will of course remain with you as the author/creator. and in case the project becomes profitable, everyone involved will receive a share.


any suggestions and inspirations for this project are most definitely welcome.

I am looking forward to your story during this time of the pandemic and the resulting curfew.

please reply and send your stories to


best regards and best wishes



Project description as PDF

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